Sketch Focus

by Sketch Focus

Easily add notes and tasks (items) to your Sketch documents to keep track of what you need to do to particular layers, artboards or pages.

State Machine

by Roman Shamin

State Machine is a Sketch plugin. Installing it will allow you to switch an active tab on a tab bar you're designing, an active navigation section...

Relabel Button Plugin

by Ken Moore

The Relabel Button plug-in for prompts for a button's new label then applies the text, resizes the button background and repositions any other interior elements...

CSS for Sketch 3

by John Coates

CSSketch is a Sketch 3 plugin that enables you to modify your designs quickly by attaching it a stylesheet to it that you can use to...

Sketch Constraints

by Marc Bouchenoire

Sketch Constraints is a plugin that integrates constraints in Sketch to lay out layers. These constraints are relative to the parent, either a group or an...

Stack Children

by Cemre Gungor

Aligns all the child layers of a group so that they are stacked vertically in a table. This is great for prototyping table cells with symbols,...

Sketch Toolbox

by Shahruz Shaukat

A super simple plugin manager for If you just want to download and use the latest stable version of the app, visit Note: If...