by ScreenFork

Sketchapp plugin that exports a screen and it's variants based on the layer prefix.

Export for Origami

by Julius Tarng

Exports and updates Sketch assets for Facebook's Origami prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer, adapted from sketch-framer.

Sketch to Proto.io

by Proto.io

Instantly transfer Photoshop and Sketch designs into Proto.io. Artboards, groups, and layers appear right in place on your screen canvas ready for interactive animation.

Magic Mirror

by Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror for Sketch 3 is a Sketch Plugin that can create perspective transformed image from an artboard and apply to corresponding shape.

Sketch to Marvel

by Marvel App

This plugin integreates with Marvel App, to give you rapid mobile and web prototyping with Sketch

Sketch to Cloudapp

by Colby Ludwig

A plugin to upload the current Sketch.app artboard to CloudApp with a keystroke. Be sure you have Cloud.app open on your computer first! Otherwise, this won't...

Sketch Inventory

by Florian Schulz

Design requires free, sometimes chaotic exploration. But design also means organisation and structure. Sketch can be good in both aspects, but moving from exploration to structured...

Sketch Generator

by Ale Munoz

If you've ever had to prepare a screen design for production use, you know how painful and time consuming it is: creating slices, naming them, making...

Sketch Framer

by Cemre Gungor

A plugin to export Sketch.app documents into FramerJS to make interactive prototypes. Only works with Sketch Beta right now because the App Store version is sandboxed....