by Edan Vidal

Create different states and switch between them easily. Just like layer comps for Sketch. Create new states and update changes, don't just leave to another state...


by Sketchode

A plugin for Sketch that provides graphical representation of a design project for smoother designer-developer workflow. Sketchode is a software solution that imports any project...

CanvasFlip for Sketch

by Vipul Mishra

Sync artboards in Sketch with your CanvasFlip projects directly. CanvasFlip lets you find and fix usability issues right from your prototypes.

Sketch Preview

by Marc Schwieterman

This Sketch plugin provides a preview command (CMD+P) that will export the currently selected Artboard at a configurable preview size (CMD+P) and open the resulting image...

Name Artboards

by Julius Tarng

Goes through each artboards and creates a text label where the artboard name sits so it is visible when exporting with slices.

iOS Icon Generator

by Marko Tadic

After creating icon in any square sized artboard, select any layer (or nothing if that's the only artboard on page), then run this plugin to generate...